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川教版小學英語五年級上冊單詞、句子匯總 Peter Lele Tingting Unit 1 Favourite subjects Lesson 1 Whose Book Is It? textbook課本 notebook筆記本 storybook故事書 workbook練習冊 mine我的 yours你(們)的 hers她的 his他的 whose誰的; one?by?one一個一個地 部分句型 Good morning,class! Good morning! welcome back to school. Wow!So many new books! Come and get them one by one. Here you are. Thank you. You are welcome. Next, please. Whose book is it? Oh,it's mine. Many thanks. That's OK. Lesson 2 I have music class on Friday. art??藝術 PE體育 ME(Moral?Education)思想品德music??音樂maths??數學computer??計算機 science科學 social?studies社會課 class課 subject學科 because因為*enjoy欣賞 *funny有趣的 What’s your favourite day? Friday is my favourite day . Because I have music on Friday . How many subjects are there? There are ……subjects. I have Maths on Monday . Why? Because I have music on Friday.I like computer very much. Why does the girl not like music? Because she can't sing well. But I don't like music. Why not? Because I can't sing well. But you can enjoy it.You are right. favourite because well enjoy right it it is=it’s do do not=don’t can can not =can’t Who is your English teacher? Ms Wang. Miss /Mr /Mrs /Ms___. Lesson 3 What Subject Do You Like best? easy容易的 magic神奇的 important重要的: interesting有趣的 difficult難的 boring無趣的 useful有用的 useless無用的 what什么 work hard努力學習 *Cool!太棒了! What subject do you like best, Tingting? English . Why?Because it's useful and interesting. But it's not easy. I must work hard. So I practise English every day. Then your English will be better? I hope so. Work in pairs. What subject do you like best? I like PE best. We like ME best. Chinese maths computer music Let's learn. Why do you like art best? Because it's magic. Why don't you like maths?Because it's difficult. 英語字母i的發音規則 元音字母I的發音規則。 (1) i在重讀開音節中讀[ai]。例如: bicycle[’baisikl] Friday[’fraidi] private[’praivit] drive[draiv] (2)雙音節詞的結尾是“輔音字母+le”,前面的i所在的音節是絕對開音節時,i讀[ai]。 例如: title[’taitl] Bible[’baibl] rifle[raifl] (3)在-igh,-ight,-ign,-ild,-ind中,i讀[ai]。例如: bright E’brait] high[hai] child [t?a?ld] 但是也有例外,例如: children [?t??ldr?n] (4)在重讀閉音節中i讀[i]。例如:big city dish kid skip rich (7)在雙音節和多音節詞中i讀[i]。 例如:differ fifteen history mixture village winner Unit 2 Interesting Lessons Lesson 1 What’s the missing word? hundred一百 thousand一千swimming在游泳singing在唱歌 watching TV在看電視 working在工作sleeping在睡覺 eating在吃 listening to music在聽音樂 reading在讀書 *missing遺漏的 * solve解;解答 *puzzle難題;謎 a piece of cake 小事一樁 Let's talk. Hey, Peter! What are you doing? I'm solving a word puzzle. Can you do it? Sure. It's easy. Let me see. It's a piece of cake.' What does "a piece of cake" mean? Good! Then find the missing word. No problem. Sixty-two minus nine is fifty-three.One hundred plus two hundred is three hundred. Have you finished? Yes. What's the missing word? G-R-E-A-T, great. You are so great! What score did you get? One hundred. Let's learn. I'm-I am What are you doing? I'm catching mice. swimming singing What is he doing? /She/ He is catching mice. Listen and match. listening to music watching TV sleeping reading eating working A: What are you doing, Mum?B: I am watching TV. A: What are they doing?B: They are sleeping. A: What is he doing, Rose?B: He is running. A: What is she doing, Mr Brown?B: She is singing. Play a game. How many pages are there in the book? One hundred. More. Two hundred. No. Less. One hundred and twenty. Yeah! That's right. 英語字母o的發音規則 一般情況下: o 開音節 /?u/ note no 閉音節 /?/ dog lot 句首大小寫 today is my birthday. Lesson?2 What’s an insect?什么是昆蟲? body 身體 a?pair?of?wings一對翅膀 insect昆蟲 soft柔軟的 hard硬的 *butterfly*蝴蝶 ?dragonfly蜻蜓 *nothing什么也沒有 tell告訴 *ladybug瓢蟲 most大部分的 not不;沒有 no不,沒有 yes是的 Let's talk. Look! What are they doing? Let's go and see. We Hey! What are you doing? Uh...nothing. I'm not telling you. . It’s a ladybug. Oh, please. It's an insect. What does "smart"mean?It means clever. What's an insect? An insect has a head,a body and six legs. It has two pairs of wings.Most of them are not hard.They are soft. Oh, I see. You are so clever. You are so smart, too. Work in pairs. A; What are the girls doing? B They are talking about animals. having a picnic watching TV doing their homework Let's learn. two pairs of wings A: Does an insect have six legs?B: Yes, it does. A Does an insect have four hard wings? B: No, it doesn't. It has four soft wings. body insects soft hard dragonfly butterfly A: Hey, Tingting! Is a dragonfly an insect?B: Yes, it is. A Peter, does a butterfly have three pairs of legs?B: Yes, it does. A: Mr White, does a bee have two pairs of hard wings? B: No, it doesn't. It has two pairs of soft wings. 字母C在單詞里的讀音 1、 [ s ] ——— 出現在元音字母 e,i,y 前的讀音。 如:e 前: center 中心,cease 停止,nice 美好的,diligence 勤奮 i 前:circle 圓,civil 公民的,cigar 雪茄, city 城市 y 前:cycle 自行車, bankruptcy,破產,captaincy 上尉軍銜, adequacy 足夠 2、[ k ]———出現在元音字母 a,o,u 前的讀音。 如: a 前:cake 蛋糕,car 汽車, can 能夠,capability 能力 o 前:company 公司,code 編碼,country 國家,cola 可樂 u 前:Cuba 古巴,cube 立方,cube 套頭罩衣,cuckoo 布谷鳥 Lesson 3 Where is the Eiffel Tower? Mount Fuji富士山 the?Eiffel?Tower埃菲爾鐵塔 Big?Ben大本鐘 the?Great?Wall長城 the?White?House白宮 Japan日本 France法國 spell拼寫 Lele -----Rose,you have so many beautiful pictures! 羅斯,你有好多漂亮的圖片啊! Rose-----Yeah.Lele.What's this in English?這個用英語怎么說? 是的,樂樂,你知道這個的英文嗎? Lele------Sorry.I don't know. 對不起。我不知道。 Tingting-Is it the Eiffel Tower? 它是埃菲爾特塔嗎? Rose-----Yes,that's right. Where is it, do you know? 是的,對了。你知道它在哪里嗎? Lele-----I think it's in France.我覺得它在法國。 Tingting-You are right. 你是對的。 Is it the Eiffel Tower? Yes, that’s right. Where is it, do you know? I think it’s in France. You are right! Is this juice? Yes, it is. Is that juice, too?No, it isn't. It's tea. rice tea bread It’s water meat Coke cake coffee Let's learn. A: Is it Big Ben?B: Yes, it is. A: Where is Big Ben? B: It's in the UK. Big Ben the Eiffel Tower Mount Fuji the White House the UK the Great Wall France Where is she/ he from? She / He is from France. Unit 3 Happy Family Unit 3 Lesson?1?Welcome to my home! clock鐘 bed床 room房間 bedroom臥室 TV電視機 lamp臺燈 bookshelf書架 desk書桌 chair椅子 Hi, Ting Ting. Hello, Rose. Welcome to my home! Come and see my room. Wow, it's so nice! This is my bed and bookshelf. There is a desk and a chair. Is that your computer? Yes. It's a gift from my uncle. Can I use it? Sure. Let's play computer games together. Work in pairs. There is a picture on the wall. bird in the sky There isn't an orange in the bag, egg in the box Is there a clock on the desk? Is there a book on the desk? Yes, there is. No, there isn't. lamp bookshelf TV bed clock bedroom chair In my room,there is a bed. In my room, there is a bed and a bookshelf. 字母ew,U/u以及U/u與其他字母組合的讀音規則如下: [u:]flew [fju:]few (1)在重讀開音.節中,U一般讀做: ①[ju:],例如:student use ②在字母l、r、j之后讀做[U:],例如:blue rule June (2)在重讀閉音節中一般讀做: ①[?],例如:but bus cup Lesson 2 My family tree woman婦女 man男人 cousin堂兄妹family家庭 father父親 mother母親 grandfather爺爺;外公 Grandmother奶奶;外婆 people人 in purple穿紫色衣服 Let's talk. Tingting--How many people are there in your family? 你家有幾口人? Rose---There are ten. Look at my family tree.有10口人,看我的家譜。 Tingting-Is that your grandfather? 那是你祖父嗎? Rose-----Yes. And this is my grandmother. 是的,這是我的祖母。 Tingting-Who is that woman? 那個女人是誰? Rose-----My mother. 我媽媽。 Tingting-Who is the man in purple?那個穿紫顏色衣服的男人是誰? Rose-----He's my uncle . The woman next to him is my aunt. 他是我叔叔。他旁邊的女人是我阿姨。 Tingting-Is the boy in yellow your brother? 穿黃色衣服的男孩是你弟弟嗎? Rose-----No, he is my cousin. 不,他是我表兄弟。 Tingting-You have a big happy family. 你有一個快樂幸福的大家庭。 Work in pairs. How many people are there in your family?There are five. teachers students school class He's 展開
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